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Have you thought about hiring someone to keep your website up-to-date? What about your blog? These tasks can be accomplished by a highly qualified virtual employee working in a remote office in the Philippines at Flat Planet.

So could lots of other tasks.

The only limit is your imagination.

If you think about it... any task that can be performed by a person sitting at a desk with a computer and a phone can be done by anyone anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the tasks currently being performed by Flat Planet Philippines.

Debt Collection - we have one client that needs to collect a lot of money all the time. Using a small team established up here they reduced their average days on their debtors list down to 13.3 days! 

Accounts - we have a couple of clients that are running all their bookkeeping from here. They actually have opted to get a really senior and experienced accountant. Not only are all their books being done but they have some excellent financial analysis work / insights into their business. 

Engineering - one business needs civil engineers to complete jobs bidding - and can't afford to bid for as much work as they would like. Using a trained civil engineer in Manila they are now able to bid for a lot more jobs than previously.

Prospect Relations - one national professional services firm had four or five spreadsheets with the names of about 3000 prospects they had built up over the years. It was a mess. Using Flat Planet they created a new marketing support role within their business. All the prospects have been consolidated into a single database, all the data merged and updated. Now each prospect is contacted regularly as part of an organised program to build relationships and hopefully create new business opportunities.

Accounts Payable - one company gets about 5000 invoices a week from its many suppliers! Keeping them up to date was difficult. Using a team at Flat Planet they not only save a lot of money, but their turn around time is improved. Suppliers are paid faster and are happier and the company can better take advantage of early payment discounts. They also have much stronger and meaningful insight into their cashflow.

Web Content - another company had a website they had spent a lot of money on including a blog and a newsletter. But they never had time to update it. Now they have a trained journalist who is also a social media guru working for them full time. Not only is their web site and newsletter dynamic, they have a state-of-the-art social media program up and running.

Executive Assistant - one business owner wanted a really good executive assistant. Sure, you can get them cheap over the internet, but he wanted someone really good. By spending a bit extra he was able to get someone who had previously been an executive assistant to a Vice President of a global banking group. He is still paying half what a quality university graduate would cost to run in Sydney, but is receiving a vastly superior performance.

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