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Live Chat Support Staff is a Tattoo Artist After Work Hours

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Ralph Edward or “Papi” is the easily the funniest person in Flat Planet.  Even the most casual conversation with him ends up with you laughing and losing your dignity because you might’ve snorted once or twice in hilarity. It’s not easy to describe how funny he is – you have to talk to him yourself: he deals in one-liners, wisecracks, and facial contortions so describing him is a job better off left to reviewers of stand-up comedians. But he’s not in Flat Planet to make people laugh. That’s just a bonus. Papi – former online gaming guru, tattoo artist, drummer, and could’ve-been architect works as a member of one of Flat Planet’s live chat support teams. He has been on the job for almost two years, and while there are those in his line of work who might consider the tasks of a live chat support staff a tad boring, Papi finds his job not only challenging, but even enjoyable.

“I guess it’s because I’ve always found reading technical manuals interesting. I like knowing how things work, how they function, what their different parts are,” he said. He admits that this is a little ironic considering that he was unable to get a degree in architecture from one of the most prestigious private universities in the country because he was not into the technical aspect of architecture. “I enjoyed the creative side of the course – the aesthetics of architecture; but the part that involved engineering and math? Not so much,” he said.  He quit the course after three years and took a course in fine arts.

After college, he ended up working in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in different capacities. He started out as the guy who operates the aerobridge, and ended up – after three years – as the supervisor for the sanitation department, taking charge of over 300 people.

“It was very tiring,” he said. “I learned a lot, but I really didn’t want to stay there forever.” After that he worked as an online gaming master.  

Papi’s current work, however, is pretty straight-forward and simple: answer all the queries of customers satisfactorily and as soon as possible. “To do this, everyone in my team has to read all the manuals, brochures and what have you on all the products our client sells online and get as least a grasp of what all the products are and how they work. Of course it’s impossible to memorize so much technical information in one sitting – or even in a span of a few weeks, but after a while the information gets burned into your brain.”

And yep, a lot of information has burned in Papi’s brain – so much so that if you what a multi-cooker is, he’ll ask you if you want information on its functions as a slow cooker, rice cooker, or steamer. He’s also his team’s go-to guy when they need information on a product ASAP – they yell their questions at him from across the room when they don’t have time to do any online research and he yells back answers within a few heartbeats.

Sometimes their room sounds like the trading floor of the Philippine Stock Exchange when the stock brokers are excited.

His personal favorite, however, is the air fryer. He said that he was “fascinated” with the gadget and how it is able to fry without oil.

“The illustrations, diagrams, and instructions on how it operates are waaaay cool. It’s the science behind the device that’s fascinating,” he said. 

For these reasons, Papi said that live chat support staff should also be considered as product specialists.

“Every day is very busy in our corner of Flat Planet because everyone in my team is focused on responding to inquiries from customers and potential customers of our clients.  But we don’t just give answer questions, we also help customers make better choices based on what they need,” he said.

When it comes to his personal life, Papi is also the sort who likes to live creatively. He and his friends from university remain close and they do tattoo services on the side. Papi himself has many tattoos on different parts of his body and they were drawn by his friends.  Some of them look hardcore and are the sort that bikers in the movies are seen to sport to show how tough they are – bones and skulls and fire-breathing monsters.

“But as you can I see, I’m really a nice guy – people with tattoos make very good friends,” he said.

And apparently they also make good live chat support staff as well.

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