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Not a Model, But a Model Employee

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We know it’s not right to objectify people or focus on their looks or physical build, but Jayne’s 23-inch waistline is the envy of many women in Flat Planet. More on this later, but for now let’s focus on Jayne’s work as an order entry administrator for one of Flat Planet’s Australian company-clients.

According to Jayne, her work is non-stressful, but it requires alertness and vigilance. “What I do is simple enough – I check and record for my client’s next deliveries and make sure that all the bills are paid in full and there are no balances before invoices released,” she explained. “I double-check everything before I forward my work to the next process in the company’s accounts system. I like the rhythm of it. We underwent training for this so working the system is now second-nature to me.” 

A computer science graduate with some background in programming, Jayne has been with Flat Planet for almost two years. Before joining the company, she worked similar jobs in the healthcare and real estate industries. “This type of work requires clear eyes because you have to make sure  that the records don’t have typos or numerical errors in them. It’s all part of the quality review system when it comes to billing and accounts processes,” she said.

So does she like her work? What about working in Flat Planet?

“I enjoy working in Flat Planet because people are very approachable and friendly. There’s a clear sense of community among the employees -- even the management. The work by itself is non-stressful, but because of the work environment, it’s fun. It’s easy to make friends here, and I like how the management reaches out to the employees during meetings and company events,” she said.

The only thing that she wants changed in Flat Planet is the pantry – “It’s not big enough!” she said, laughing. “It’s a good place to hang out during break periods,  but there are so many people who want to sit there, eat and just talk with friends that the space is too small. “  (Personally we think it’s the free-flowing coffee, tea, and milk that’s the main attraction. That and the big screen tv that regularly shows popular flicks.)

The best thing she likes about Flat Planet? “I appreciate how the company respects LGBT rights; that people here don’t make judgments. I’m glad to be working in a company that practices gender equality. There’s the understanding that the main goal is to work as best as they can, but when it comes to personal lifestyle choices, everyone is free to be themselves here,” she said.

Now that we’ve got the work concerns and the work environment out of the way, let’s return to the topic of Jayne’s teeny-tiny waistline. This is a girl who looks at a store-window mannequin and knows automatically that the clothes the mannequin is wearing will fit her.

So does she still eat?

“Of course I eat! I actually eat a lot,” she exclaimed.  We remind her that liars will be punished in hell, but Jayne said that she never diets and eats whatever she wants. She likes Gummi Bears (or gummy candies in general), crispy pata (deep fried pork knuckles), French fries and whatever sour fruits are in season.

“I run a little, 30 minutes every two days. It’s not to lose weight or anything – just to break a sweat, you know,” she said.


The self-confessed “junk food girl” is also something of an artist: she is handy with “ordinary pencils” and does sketches of friends and whoever catches her fancy whenever she’s feeling a little blue. Turns out that she was the editorial cartoonist back in grade school, and she even joined drawing competitions.

“I lost interest back in high school because I got busy with other things,“ she said laughing.

So that’s our Jayne. Professional and goddess-like by day, still a goddess by night.

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