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Watch Out: Accountant Busy at Work

PJ australia

Paulette – or PJ, she is known in the office – is among the youngest employees of Flat Planet but this doesn’t mean she is naïve in any way. A graduate of accounting technology in one of the most well-known private, all-women universities in the Philippines, PJ seems to have been with a decided bent for professionalism: she has no qualms about working overtime to finish tasks, and she goes through her auditing jobs back and forth to make sure the records are accurate. And have we mentioned that she’s practically a new graduate and this is her first time to be part of the labor force?

Employed by a client of Flat Planet for less than a year, she has impressed her client so much that they sent her to undergo training in Australia and to make the rounds in the home office.  Her skills are such that she can confidently go through 500-900 page PDF files and submit tax returns based on the same in one to two days. She gives her full attention to accounting jobs and she doesn't let anything distract her when she's working.

“I won’t lie and say that I don’t find the work difficult because it is. I sometimes get headaches from looking at all the numbers! I have to double-check if I numbered everything, and to make sure that everything is referenced. The thing is, I turn everything into a challenge, and I like challenges – I like beating them and then heaving a sigh of happy relief at the end of the day. It’s such a high when I’m able to finish a job,” she said.

The youngest in a brood of five, PJ says she’s considered by her parents as the “most independent” among her siblings.

“It’s funny, but I’m the one they think is the strongest-willed and most reliable,” she said. “I guess maybe it’s because of my temperament: when I give attention to something important like a problem or an issue at home, I work and work at it until it’s solved, or I help whoever’s mainly involved to resolved it.”

What with all this, it doesn’t come as a surprise that PJ wants to further her education. “I want to master accounting – I want to understand Australian tax laws from back to front. I’ll find a way to do this soon enough,” she said.

As for her personal life, PJ says that she’s very typical in her hobbies: “Oh just the usual – shopping for shoes and bags; occasional travel to somewhere far and interesting, that kind of thing.” But she also has a dog, a crossbreed Maltese-Spitz she named Daphe, and she loves her to bits.

And as the word “love” has already been mentioned, the single men-folk at the office would be interested to note that PJ is currently uninvolved. Why? It also has to do with her being an achiever.

“It was hard decision, but I really had to break with up – maybe to goad him into action?” she shares laughing. It turns out that the young man – her ex – has turned out to be her opposite when he graduated from college. “He’s a little feckless; and unfortunately this didn’t sit well with my parents. Eventually I had to let go because I got tired of encouraging him to pick himself up and work! He’s pretty smart, so I don’t really get why he’s wasting his intelligence doing nothing…”

So now PJ is all focused on her work and making sure she meets all her deadlines.

Well, PJ, we all agree that it’s your ex-boyfriend’s loss and Flat Planet’s gain!

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